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Last updated: 27.04.2010 06:15 GMT
27.04.2010 00:48 GMT Alexandre cooks Ion's 1/1202/20* and 2/1202/19* entries! They will be replaced in the final standings by 1/1180/20* and 2/1180/19*.
10.04.2010 18:06 GMT Ion writes that with normal force at least one more move should be possible: 1295.e3*d4 [+bQe3] (No solution in 1296 moves)! During the tournament Ion had successfully used this ending, with this matrix, in C+ entries! Similarly, with promoted force, one move can be added by moving Be5 to d4 in the initial position, then end the series with 1295.e3*d4 [+bBe3] (No solution in 1296 moves)!
The current records have been posted here!
09.04.2010 07:03 GMT François Labelle confirms that the first 1179 moves of Ion's Section 1 entry and the first 1112 moves of Itamar's Section 1 entry are C+!
Using Ion Murărasu's matrix, François Labelle and Alexandre Leroux have extended the record in both sections to 1295 moves!
06.04.2010 23:30 GMT The tournament results have been posted here!
06.04.2010 00:00 GMT The tournament has ended, thank you to all participants! The results and the participating problems will be posted by end of day today!
05.04.2010 22:00 GMT Two hours left!
05.04.2010 18:31 GMT With less than 6 hours left, Ion exceeds 1200 moves in both sections: 1/1202/20* and 2/1202/19*!!! Almost incredible! These are still being verified by Popeye, which is going to need quite some time, but all Ion's previous entries have been C+!
05.04.2010 17:47 GMT Ion adds two more moves in both sections: 1/1180/20* and 2/1180/19*!! Will there be enough time to reach 1200?!
05.04.2010 04:24 GMT Outside of the tournament, Alexandre and François send a wonderful 2/1034/27, with a twin and two completely different solutions! An incredible find! It will participate, after this tournament, in the 2010 series-movers tourney!
05.04.2010 00:01 GMT The last day of the tournament!
04.04.2010 17:51 GMT Alexandre and François also exceed 1100 moves, in Section 2: 2/1111/27*!
02.04.2010 08:00 GMT Ion improves again: 1/1178/19* and 2/1178/18*!
01.04.2010 13:27 GMT With only 20 units (Section 1) and, respectively, 18 units (Section 2), compositions surprisingly resolved by Popeye in just about 40 minutes, Ion takes the lead in both sections with a heptagonal number of moves: 1/1177/20* and 2/1177/18*!!! The solutions are also very surprising and wonderful!
01.04.2010 10:52 GMT Ján and Ivan improve significantly in Section 1: 1/707/17*!
31.03.2010 22:09 GMT The bar gets raised even higher by Itamar in Section 1: 1/1134/29*!
31.03.2010 05:41 GMT Ion improves with 1/1015/20* and 2/1015/19*!
30.03.2010 22:03 GMT Itamar is the first to break the 1100 barrier: 1/1126/29*!! Yes, with normal force, a remarcable composition with an unbelievable solution and a very original ending!
30.03.2010 00:00 GMT The last week of the tournament!
29.03.2010 03:25 GMT Ion is the second competitor that exceeds 1000 moves without promoted force, with a very elegant 1/1015/21*, moving back into 2nd place position!!! Surprisingly, Popeye solves this in less than 4 hours!
Interesting to note that at this point in time only Alexandre and François have managed to compose a problem with promoted force longer (or with fewer pieces, for that matter!) than their best tournament entry with normal force!
29.03.2010 01:39 GMT The last few days were very intense, but it seems that the last 8 days of the tournament will be even more intense! Alexandre and François send two new entries: 2/1076/27* (thus consolidating their 1st place in Section 2), a composition so complex that even François' program cannot solve it in a reasonable amount of time, and a beautiful Section 1 entry, 1/983/27* (with a very neat 1st move), as a result advancing to 2nd place in the main section!
28.03.2010 05:45 GMT Ion also improves in Section 2: 2/971/20*!
28.03.2010 05:06 GMT Alexandre and François take the lead again in Section 2 with an amazing 2/1074/27*!!!
27.03.2010 22:18 GMT Ion gets closer to Itamar in Section 1 with another beautiful entry: 1/967/19*! Almost one thousand moves and only 19 pieces!!
26.03.2010 21:30 GMT Itamar is back with a new Section 1 record: 1/1046/30*! What will be the new Section 2 record?!
25.03.2010 21:30 GMT Ion finds an amazing 1/793/24* and advances to 2nd place in Section 1!!
24.03.2010 23:09 GMT Ralf advances to 3rd place in Section 1 with 1/481/18!
22.03.2010 21:09 GMT And a new record submitted by Itamar: 1/1044/27*! At this level is extremely difficult to add even 2 moves, and this one is a "tour de force"!
21.03.2010 13:32 GMT And there is a new Section 1 record, from Itamar: 1/1042/27*!
20.03.2010 18:30 GMT Itamar seems to be unstoppable! He finds two new records: 1/1031/27* and 2/1045/27*!
19.03.2010 18:53 GMT Itamar adds four more moves to his Section 1 record: 1/1028/27*!
18.03.2010 20:08 GMT Itamar continues his ascension: 1/1024/26* and 2/1044/27*!
17.03.2010 21:07 GMT Itamar finds two new records: 1/1020/26* and 2/1038/27*!!!
16.03.2010 19:49 GMT Itamar resolves the binary dilemma with a splendid Sophie Germain prime, 2/1031/27*, and takes the lead in Section 2!
Worth mentioning that the record prime of this type, discovered in November 2009, is 648621027630345 * 2253824-1! :)
16.03.2010 15:28 GMT Ján and Ivan send a new Section 1 entry: 1/417/19*!
15.03.2010 23:04 GMT Itamar improves once again in Section 1, with a polydivisible number of moves: 1/1020/28*!
In an email sent a few days ago, Itamar jokingly said that he "works in binary" - in this context we would like to mention that the highest number one can count to on one's fingers using binary is 1023! :-)
14.03.2010 12:00 GMT Half of the tournament!
13.03.2010 21:11 GMT Itamar is restless and increases his lead in Section 1 with 1/1017/27*!
13.03.2010 13:35 GMT Itamar does the same in Section 1! 1/1012/28*!
13.03.2010 13:10 GMT Ion continues his ascension in Section 2 with 2/892/23*!
13.03.2010 01:56 GMT Welcome to Nirvãna! :-) Itamar has achieved something that we had not even dreamt of before the tournament! He really has "a thousand serious moves", and to make it even more impressive, he does that with normal force! Almost incredible, and Popeye has (partially) confirmed the solution! So, here it is, a very special "Sahasranama" entry: 1/1008/27*!!!
The next number also divisible by the number of primes below it is 1092, is that the new target now?!
12.03.2010 20:33 GMT Itamar responds quickly and improves with 2/837/28*!
12.03.2010 13:51 GMT Well, now it gets even more interesting! Ion has continued to work on his incredible matrix and takes the lead in Section 2 with 2/887/23*!!!
11.03.2010 00:36 GMT Alexandre and François are keeping the pace: they also exceed 800 moves in Section 2 with a C+ 2/809/27*! A very interesting composition, even more complex than before, with a number of very subtle touches!
10.03.2010 22:41 GMT Itamar does the same in Section 2 with 2/825/27*, and has only 175 moves left before reaching Nirvãna! :)
10.03.2010 22:12 GMT Itamar increases his lead in Section 1 with another amazing entry: 1/824/28*!
10.03.2010 17:33 GMT Itamar sends a 1/808/28*!
09.03.2010 19:01 GMT And once again Itamar takes the lead in Section 2, with a striking 2/808/27*, a culmination of an idea that he has been working on for the last few days!
09.03.2010 04:11 GMT Alexandre and François take the lead again in Section 2, with a remarkable 2/754/27*! Needless to say, it is also a very complex one!
07.03.2010 10:36 GMT Ion improves with a 2/628/21*!
06.03.2010 11:09 GMT And Itamar reaches 800 moves!!! 1/800/26*! Congratulations, this is a significant accomplishment!
06.03.2010 07:43 GMT Ion also exceeds 600 moves with a beautiful 2/614/20*!
05.03.2010 21:13 GMT Itamar gets even closer to 800! 1/799/27*!
05.03.2010 06:25 GMT Ion finds another very interesting matrix and improves with 98 moves in Section 2: 2/576/19*!
04.03.2010 18:38 GMT Itamar gets very, very close to the 800 milestone: 1/797/27*!!! Who could have predicted this would happen so fast?! We would not be very surprised if 1000 will soon become the next frontier!
04.03.2010 15:43 GMT Alexandre and François also add one move to their Section 1 entry: 1/701/27!
04.03.2010 07:02 GMT Itamar adds another move: 1/757/25*.
03.03.2010 23:37 GMT Itamar also takes the lead in Section 1, with another astonishing entry: 1/756/25*!!!
03.03.2010 18:55 GMT Itamar finds a nice way to add 1 move and to save 3 units at the same time: 2/740/23!
03.03.2010 03:58 GMT Ion finds a real gem, a problem with normal force with just 11 units and almost 500 moves: 1/480/11*!
02.03.2010 17:30 GMT And Itamar retakes the lead in Section 2 with 2/739/26!!! The battle for the first place is being fought at an incredible altitude now! Over to you, Team Canada!
01.03.2010 23:00 GMT Itamar fights back and jumps 107 moves to 1/665/26*, getting very close to Alexandre and François!!
01.03.2010 13:18 GMT Ion finds a new promising matrix and improves significantly in both sections: 1/464/14* and 2/478/15*!
01.03.2010 02:56 GMT Alexandre informs that he has been exchanging ideas with François, and that the two new records are joint compositions, as well as that they will continue to work together for the rest of the tournament! Therefore, welcome to François Labelle, we now have a Team Canada! And more good news! François confirms that the two '700' compositions are C+!
28.02.2010 22:38 GMT Proving that in Canada there are at least 2 persons who like chess problems more than hockey, Alexandre gives his best shot (so far) with just a few minutes before Sidney Crosby's gold-winning overtime goal! Brace yourselves! 1/700/27!!!
The problem has been partially validated by Popeye (the first 254 and the last 444 moves are C+), and it is almost 100% certain that the problem is sound. Popeye could not validate the full 700 moves running for 36 hours, but there is a significant chance that in the end this marvelous composition will receive the C+ label, as François Labelle has some ideas on how this could be done without Popeye's help! Stay tuned!
Alexandre also sends a 2/700/27!
This is a truly amazing achievement, and a very, very beautiful composition, so it is fit to conclude this longer-than-usual post with Alexandre's own words: "I like the beauty of chess"!
28.02.2010 19:10 GMT For Itamar the sky is the limit! A new incredible record with promoted force: 2/646/25*!
27.02.2010 17:16 GMT Itamar surpasses 600 moves, with what he considers one of his best problems! It is indeed an extraordinary and very complex composition, doubling the theme that he has been working on for the last few days! 2/606/27*!!! The problem has been partially verified up to 423 moves, and further verification will follow.
26.02.2010 20:30 GMT Itamar adds a whopping 53 moves to his Section 1 record: 1/558/25*!!! Has the final push towards the 600-moves summit already started?!
26.02.2010 19:53 GMT Ján and Ivan find a way to add another move: 1/413/16*.
26.02.2010 05:41 GMT After celebrating his success in the Good Companions Parry Series tourney (congratulations!), Ion is back with a vengeance! ;) His newest submission is a beautiful 2/420/19*.
25.02.2010 23:49 GMT Itamar impresses again, and gets closer to 600 moves! Believe it or not, we have a 2/557/25* entry!!! Itamar also adds one move to his Section 1 record: 1/505/25*.
25.02.2010 15:54 GMT Ion adds two more moves: 1/418/18*!
25.02.2010 12:08 GMT Ján and Ivan improve with 1/412/18 and 2/412/16!
25.02.2010 07:20 GMT Ion improves with 1/416/19*.
25.02.2010 00:54 GMT Ralf advances to 3rdplace with 1/413/15*!
24.02.2010 21:56 GMT Itamar also exceeds 500 moves with normal force: 1/504/25! While 400+ moves were expected, this certainly exceeds all expectations!
24.02.2010 18:51 GMT And the first entry with more than 500 moves is submitted by Itamar: an outstanding 2/511/24*!!!
24.02.2010 15:47 GMT Ján and Ivan also get closer to 400 moves, with 1/343/18*!
24.02.2010 12:18 GMT Ion advances to second place with 1/415/20!
24.02.2010 7:12 GMT And Ion follows with a very elegant 1/412/18! It is interesting noting that in this case Popeye needs less than 2 seconds to confirm the unique solution!!
24.02.2010 7:05 GMT The imagination, inventivity and composing technique of all participants is really pushing Popeye to its limits, and even beyond! With problems already over 400 moves, it has become very clear that in many cases only a very creative approach regarding Popeye's input can lead to full or even just partial computer validation! Therefore, instead of limiting the possibilities, please note that we have decided to relax the "C+ only" requirement!
24.02.2010 03:15 GMT Is a showdown between Alexandre and Itamar looming?! Their Section 1 records stand at over 400 moves! Alexandre's first entry with normal force is a very strong 1/413/18*, while Itamar raises his record with 94 moves, to an incredible 1/471/25! 500 moves seem to be within reach, who will be the first to get there?!
22.02.2010 22:54 GMT Itamar increases his lead in Section 1 with 1/377/24*!
22.02.2010 14:01 GMT Ralf makes a huge leap forward in the 1st Section, with 1/251/14!
22.02.2010 02:00 GMT Welcome to Alexandre Leroux! His first entry breaks the 400 moves barrier, with only 15 pieces - 2/412/15!!!
21.02.2010 21:42 GMT Ján and Ivan improve with 2/134/18*!
21.02.2010 20:16 GMT And Ion takes the lead in Section 2! 343 moves with only 12 pieces: 2/343/12!
21.02.2010 17:47 GMT Itamar takes the lead in Section 1 with a very elaborate composition: 1/356/22*!
21.02.2010 11:16 GMT Welcome to Ján Golha and Ivan Skoba! Their first two entries are 1/106/19* and 2/119/17*!
21.02.2010 01:46 GMT Ion adds another move to his Section 1 entry: 1/344/13*!
20.02.2010 21:52 GMT And another entry from Itamar: 1/166/24*!
20.02.2010 20:58 GMT Itamar improves again in Section 2, getting very close to 200, with a 2/192/25*!
20.02.2010 20:05 GMT Itamar starts strongly in the 1st Section with 1/147/23, then quickly improves with 1/151/24, 1/152/24* and 1/154/24*!
In Section 2, Itamar starts with 2/166/24 and improves with 2/177/24*!
Ralf is also testing Section 2, with a 2/84/22*.
Ion enters the competion with an almost incredible 1/343/13! Wow, what a perfect start!!!
20.02.2010 16:15 GMT We have received several new entries from Itamar Faybish, Ion Murărasu (welcome!) and Ralf Krätschmer, which are currently being verified! Next site update in about 3 hours!
20.02.2010 00:29 GMT Only 29 minutes into the tournament and we have our first entry! Welcome to Ralf Krätschmer! He starts with a 1/68/18*! ("*" denotes king in check)
20.02.2010 00:00 GMT Start of the tournament! Good luck to all participants!